Sunset to Live For

Winter nears
snow graces the earth
in a thin layer
of white
5 degrees F
greets me this morning
the wood stove hums all day
the sun rises and sets in color
tonight the colors
ignited life
deep in my belly

Tis my way to share the beauty of our natural world
but the wild is not always beautiful
it can be extreme
I found this little frog this morning

was it thinking it was still summer
was it out for a hop about
how did it freeze beside the only hole in the ponds surface
I do not know
but ice crystals claimed it's body

if you are squimish
do NOT look:

Late afternoon I walked in the golden day light
stopping to take in the deep silence
not even a tree swayed
wolf tracks lured me along
and the wee tracks of deer
I wonder if someday
I will come upon the owner of
these big old tracks!


  1. I saw this amazing sunset tonite too as I walked out of our studio, and wished I had a camera...but embraced the magnificence of the moment in awe (in freezing temperatures!!). These photos are incredible Tammie!!! Through your photography, the magic lives on...and blesses all who behold our Creator's glory!!
    love you,

  2. Oh Abigail,
    I am so happy you saw it as well. It was divine! Looking forward to being with you tomorrow night!

  3. beautiful sunset! Poor little frog. :(

  4. Your photographs and poetry are absolutely beautiful!

    The sunset is breathtaking, and the frog picture is heartbreaking. Yet serene. The paw prints are awe-inspiring!

    Thank you for capturing the miracle of nature. It does a city-girl's heart good to witness it :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words :) You are welcome in my humble online world any time :)

  5. A beautiful montage, Tammie. Thanks for letting us all get that close to the startling beauty up there.

  6. I'm in awe of your sunsets. Beautiful photographs of a beautiful sunset.

    Poor frog! You think he might have hopped out of the whole and just got stuck to the ice?

  7. amazing shots.

  8. So lovely that you all enjoy a glimpse into my world.

    Mrs.B, I sense you are right, the little frog jumped out and got stuck to the ice. I have never seen this happen. I would have guessed a frog would know better.

  9. Brilliant work. A true storyteller with a camera.

  10. Wow, you live in a magical place! I think I would just break down crying if I ever saw a sunset like that. Those photos are simply awe-inspiring!

    But that poor, poor frog!

  11. Tremendous beauty in those sunsets -- amazing photos. I wonder if frogs, being cold blooded, are more susceptible to sudden changes in temperature; for some reason, I remember reading that frogs could survive at the bottom of a pond, but if they were on/near land when the temperature shifted, they were just out of luck. Regardless, 5 degrees sounds awfully cold -- stay warm!


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