Stick #9 and Two Awards!

Susan Sanford from ArtSpark Theatre (blog) made some wonderful art wandish sticks. She had a wish to have different people place these sticks in different lands and places. I had the pleasure of receiving stick #9. I have had her wonderful stick for a while. I thought it was a great idea to place it in the snow, but it has snowed and snowed and I thought it might get buried. So I waited till I found the right place and time, until then I placed Susan's stick on my Christmas tree enjoying it daily.

Yesterday I went with friends to Glacier National Park. It was a snow storm type of day. Nearing the park clouds parted revealing blue sky and light that lit up the landscape. We placed stick #9 at an illustrious spot; the boat dock at Lake McDonald for folks to find and enjoy.

Recently Genie Sea visited and gave me the Tree of Happiness Award! She touched my heart with this gift! I highly recommend visiting Genie Sea at Reality Insanity to see her wonderful art card deck she has been creating, as well as her heartfelt sharing!

This award comes along with a request to list six things that make me happy:

* time with loved ones
* snowflakes
* kindness and being kind
* soft warm cloths
* fresh air
* seeing my sister on skype (she lives so far away!)

This award also comes along with a request to pass it on to six people. I love letting folks know how much a appreciate, admire, enjoy and love what they share and offer to us in their blogs, but I always feel shy to give them an award that asks them to pass it on to others. Just me. So my suggestion is that you visit any and all the wonderful people that leave comments on my blog!!! Each and everyone has wonderful gifts to share with you, so go to my comment section after each post and start visiting, if you wish!

Today, Lady Serena Pia from Dream With the Fishes blog has honored me with the : 'One Lovely Blog' award! This is very kind Serena, I thank you with smiles and a heart full of gratitude! I also think that Serena has a lovely blog and spirit! Once again feel free to visit all the lovelies (bloggers) who visit me!

I won 'restoration'
a wonderful ATC art card
Rose at What I Made Today made.

Thank you Rose! I love it!

One more image from my day in Glacier National Park:


  1. Tammie: How cool that you just visited Glacier in the snow, and the last time I left there it was snowing (of course, that was in JUNE 1995!) What a treasure (the park, not necessarily the snow) to have year round.

  2. What an awesome place to leave that gorgeous wand! I would LOVE to see the reaction of the one(s) who find it. How magickal!!

    You so deserve both these awards and more! Many Blessings - Serena Pia

  3. Visiting here and seeing the beauty you find in the world always restores my sense of possibility and helps me find new perspective. I loved your story about Stick #9 and the pictures that went along with it. And many congratulations on your well-deserved awards!

  4. Congrats on your awards and gifts! You so deserve them! :)

    What a gorgeous stick, and what an awesome idea. Leaving little treasures all around the world. Fabulous! :)

  5. That is such a great idea to give as a gift...a wish stick. I can think of so many wonderful wishes that I would like to send to family and friends.

  6. I love the location you left Stick #9 at. Although I think it needs a better name than #9! ;)

    Happy New Year and all the best in 2009

  7. Thank you all for your visit and thoughts. So fun for me to have you in my life.

    Shannanigans, I think you are right, that little twinkling stick could have a better name than #9!

  8. Glorious!

  9. This is such a sweet set of photos & thoughts - I like your suggestion of visiting those who leave comments - I find the best blogs that way!!
    I just began blogging in Nov, & one friend commented that she has a blog but "I don't blog!" . . . what a shame!!

    Blessings to you, & cudos for the much deserved rewards :)


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