Trip Pics

Still sharing a few images from my past drive to California~

Seems ice crystals will grow anywhere:

I wonder who lived here, who was born here, who grew up here,
what was their life like,
were they warm in winter?

Montana endlessly captures my heart.


  1. WOW! The crystallized book is stunning! How awesome you were able to capture that :)

    I often do that too. I pass by houses either lived in or not, and ask these questions.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences through your photography :)

  2. oh wow, thank you for finding my blog, because now I found yours!! I love your winter pictures....the frog, the ice crystals, the paw prints... It's great. I look forward to visiting more often!

  3. Absolutely fantastic photographs and I love your ponderings. The crystals are beautiful and I often project myself into the past when I see an old shack or barn, wondering about the life that was lived there. How did they do it? How did they survive those winters?

  4. Your photography is over the top awesome. The natural beauty of life and nature is captured by your most observant spirit helper. Thank you.

  5. What a beautiful photo! Make that photoS. I've never been to Montana, but my father rhapsodizes about its beauty regularly. Now I can see why.

  6. what a stunning photo of that house! Really beautiful -- as always. I've been in amazement at the "eye" my favorite photographers have. You each would probably look at the same thing and get completely different photos -- it's so fun to see thru your eyeballs :)
    lots of miracles!!

  7. The isicles on the book is sooo cool! Great pic.

  8. What an beautiful picture!!! It sure makes me miss home (Montana LOL) I am most definitely going to be coming back to see more pics from home!!!

  9. Beautiful!the icecrystals on book are so lovely!

  10. aw, these are both lovely.

    and thank you for the kind words! :)


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