Where would your left hand be without your right?

Waking in the night
thirst is obvious
I reach for my stainless steel litre
of water
it is full to the brim
and heavy
lifting with my left
balancing with my right
I take a long drink of the cold stuff

the companionship
of one hand to the other
is a great and obvious
this is how to be with

helping hands

let us be the hand that helps the other
for truly
there is no other


  1. the rain is just dripping from those trees and that sunset was magical.

  2. Exquisite photos. Is it just me, or is your poetry getting even stronger? Is winter your muse?

  3. Beautiful photography and words :)

  4. How true! I never think about using my left hand...but I certainly would have a hard time without it! Will ponder this for awhile...

  5. Milly~
    Yes it was a rainy rainy day. I call that photo 'when it rains it pours'. As for the sunset, I was high for hours after taking it in!

    Murat11 ~
    why thank you sir, stronger poetry....
    that would be a bit dreamy for me.
    What is it you teach?
    Perhaps winter is my muse, nature is my muse and sometimes insight touches me and it comes out in writing.

    Genie Sea ~
    So lovely to have you visit.

    Caroline ~
    Lovely that you are joining me in the pondering of how one helping the other makes it all go round.

  6. I love, love, LOVE that last picture. It looks so magical! Like an enchanted forest :)

  7. Beautiful! The top picture looks as though the tree is aflame!

  8. wonderful photos


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