Winter Wonderland

finding joy
in snowflakes

i hope you are still enjoying my photos of them

my forest
cloaked in winter snow

more snowflakes
captured on fabric laid upon my steps
as the sun began to set and darken our day

whites and gray blues

these flakes are a little frosty
soft around the edges
still star and flower like shapes
delicate bits of snowy ice



  1. Gorgeous in detail and landscape!

  2. Mesmerizing snowflake captures and snowy scenes! I shall never tire of snowflake shots. They look so beautiful on that dark rust red cloth!
    Our snow has come at last!

  3. The snowflakes are so beautiful against that red background!

  4. Master in snowflakes!


  5. So beautiful!
    Happy Sunday

  6. Of course we still love your snowflakes Tammie!
    Each of your posts is a visual joy! :-)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful the snowflakes on a fabric.....We don't have this in Brazil!

    Have a great Sunday Tammie!

    Bia <°(((<

  8. The shots of snowflakes on the fabric are just beautiful - unique captures. I've never seen snowflakes quite like that.

    Sharing snapshots at Captured By Jade

  9. I will never, ever tire of your snowflakes. The fabric snowflakes? That's a holiday card waiting to happen. You must have a magnificent lens, a boatload of patience and we know you have a grand creative soul! Bravo!

  10. love your snowflakes shots - they're gorgeous! as always, I like everything you photograph, there's such beauty in your photographs - like sweet forgotten memories. I love seeing them.

    hope you have a lovely day.

    1. Such a lovely message, thank you so much Lissa.
      Sweet Sunday to you.

  11. Keep them coming. I didn't realize that different weather made different shaped snowflakes. The ones on this post remind me of flowers.

  12. Beautiful scenery!
    I will never get tired of looking at your snowflake portraits, Tammie.:) Especially on that special carpet. They are such beauty!

    Here we have snow again, but my first shots (from today) were taken through the window!:)

  13. Hello, lovely captures of the snowflakes. And the tree are just gorgeous covered in snow. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  14. Just to think all of them are so symmetrical and so unique takes my breath away! I love your snowy trees. We've gotten a foot and a half in a couple days with more on the way. Enjoy your winter wonderland, Tammie!

  15. Never get tired of the snowflakes. I've been watching them flutter around here today too.

  16. Beautiful. I love your trees in the snow.

  17. Beautiful. I love your trees in the snow.

  18. Beautiful - there's nothing like a pine forest in fresh snow.

  19. You are so good at capturing photos of perfect snowflakes. I shall never tire of them, nor of the beautiful snow cloaked forest near you!

  20. Ahhh ww beautiful forest and snowflakes Tammie!you live in a beautiful place..is it Canada??

    Greatings Anita

  21. What beautiful trees in the snow are! I have never seen such gorgeous snow view in person. Those snowflakes are pretty.
    I like your choice of the red fabric.

  22. So beautiful. I think snowflakes are magical.😂

    Happy weekend Tammie and thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. A nice way to start my day. It's so dreary here today, bring on the sunshine!!

  23. I’ve and will never tired of seeing your photos all the season, Tammie. In winter your snowflakes and pearly blue-gray world are special. Snowflakes on the red hearts of the uneven red cloth are so delicate and beautiful. These days Japan is gripped in the intense cold wave once in decades. I prefer wintry weather to unusual warm weather, which feels comfortable but not right, but I’d like the cold not to go to extremes. Stay warm, and take care.


  24. I love seeing the gorgeous, delicate flakes against that rich, red background, and those trees are so majestic! Thanks for sharing these!

  25. So beautiful, so mystical, so magical. The snowflakes and the landscape they dress.
    We've had so little snow so far this winter that I enjoy seeing these wintery images of yours even more than usual!

  26. What a delight your star-spangled red fabric is, Tammie! A real spirit-helper!


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