Spring's Glory

A beautiful day at the lake
before the storm came in

enchanted with the rocks
the light
flow of water

wandered up the road

to find the raging waters

flowers grace our days

snow melt fills our river banks

a unique offering of Trillium 
with 6 petals instead of 3

the threshold of spring is in our past
we are in her full glory


  1. Are beautiful landscapes, you put to Montana on the summit of the world in beauty.
    Have a good one, Tammie.


  2. Beautiful images, particularly that swift river.

  3. beautiful earth. I love the colour of the water in the fourth photograph, and those little floating cotton white clouds look like they are close enough to climb aboard.

  4. I especially love the different colours of your rocks and stones. They are so diverse. They look like jewels under the water in that second shot!

  5. The rocks in the sky look like such beautiful jewels and the vistas would be a perfect entry for the moderncreativelife.com feature of the day (May 10) called #NewMoonCreative -- if you get the chance to post it on your social media with that hashtag, I think it's perfect!

  6. So beautiful Tammie! THe rock photos are my favorite today ♥

  7. These are all just stunning but the first one is my fav. Wow!!!

  8. These are all just stunning but the first one is my fav. Wow!!!

  9. What a grand landscape you live in! I like every shot, especially the view of green water.

  10. Ah! It's time for your jewel-like river stones! How I love them. :)

    I can see how full the river is, following the snow melt. You've given us Montana in all her beauty.

  11. Such a glorious spring day, Tammie, with the greens which shed off snow, almost overflowing snow-melt river, elegant and noble little wild flowers, interesting cloud formation hovering low in the high blue sky, and the real gems of the colorful stones and rocks. Hope those little flowers could weather the storm.


  12. les galets dans l'eau... une source d'inspiration! beau!

  13. Oh how I love those rocks, such fabulous colours and that clear water running over them, such freshness here, space, freedom and wild beauty. I've loved visiting and catching up, those Spring flowers are all such beauties, truly magical!

  14. Love the patterns of light playing with water and stones....
    beautiful aqua raging waters......I'd like to experience being there!

    Enjoy your week,

  15. What a beautiful place we live in! That trillium is gorgeous!

  16. So beautiful! I take a deep breath in your refreshing place!! The view of small rocks in the flow is a lovely art. The light in the air is a magical gift from god.


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