Autumn Forest

autumn colors beckon
wander and see

though the edges are divine
they call:
step into me

step over logs and bush
duck under arms of trees

the cool crisp refined air

eventually returning
to the edges

it has been a gorgeous autumn
the colors
the mix of weather
the big fat moon in a starry sky

colors are changing fast
some beyond their height of bright color

leaves dance through the air
blanketing the earth 
floating on water
a time that inspires ones senses to come to life

lovely days and nights to you



  1. Simply natural and beautiful the autumnal panorama.
    Have a good one !, Tammie.


  2. Oh Tammie, all those beautiful golds! We have seen precious little color here -- it has been too warm. By now it's generally starting to turn but when I look out the window all I see is green. Which is fine but I fear we'll get a sudden dump of snow or ice or something and all that will be left in winter are trees with leaves...

    1. Every autumn is so different. Our colors began I think due to our long summer drought, then the freezing nights. I hope your leaves change and fall. It is so odd to see dead leaves on the trees during winter.

  3. Wow! The foliage is really stunning out there this year. The shot of the dirt road is my favorite of this lot.

    1. Yes it has been been a good year for color. Next will be the turning of the larch.

  4. Oh Tammie, this is absolutely breathtaking! The colors are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Beautiful autumn colours and shades of gold. Your autumn is more advanced than ours. Love your words which invite me to step into your world! Happy golden days!

    1. Thank you for enjoying words and images Sandra.

  6. quelques semaines je ne pouvais voir tes billets et je retrouve ton blog avec des magnifiques couleurs automnales...merci! biz

  7. Some years the colors turn and go fast and some are slow and lingering. Wishing you color.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! Long ago, I lived in Colorado and the autumn color changes in the rockies was never boring; always exciting.

  9. Glorious, glorious autumn, I love it! Also spring, which is where we are here in Perth. It always makes me smile when I think of your trees losing their leaves while mine are starting to bud with new leaves ☺ beautiful autumn images Tammie ✨

  10. Thanks for the walk in your woods. Fall is so magical.

  11. Gorgeous photos! You are sure getting wonderful fall colors now!

  12. Autumn is sure coming alive around your neck of the woods. You have lots of gold in the forest areas. The leaves are slowly, but surely, changing colors here, and today there's a wind with fallen leaves everywhere. We see more of the oranges in my area. Your pictures are lovely, Tammie Lee.


  13. Your pictures are wonderful. I am not really a great fun of autumn. For me it points to the end of the butterfly season and the end of me being able to use my classic cars. I prefer spring, as that is the time that all of my interests start again. However, I have to admit that autumn is a really beautiful time of the year.

  14. Golden photos you sent us today! Magical golden...
    Here yesterday we had our first rain since the middle of May - this is always a bit magical too... :-)

  15. As beautiful as I can imagine! What brilliant golden aspens. It will snow here tomorrow so I think that all of our leaves will fall... but it's been a glorious autumn!

  16. Ohhh Tammie! Thank you so much for your comment reminding me to come in!
    What a wonderful array of different areas of the forests, they are just divine!
    I can just imagine how it would be to wonder through them, all so lush, inviting, full of wonder, a real Faery World!
    Thank you for visiting these glorious places and sharing them with us Tammie. ♥♥♥

  17. Beautiful photos and words!!! :) I have to say I was holding on to summer tightly, but I'm very thankful for autumn too. :) The mountains are orange yellow and red...the autumn fragrance is in the air too!

  18. My stars! You whisked me back to Colorado when we held our breath until the first aspens turned. :) There's no such thing here where it's almost evergreen. The grass is green, the trees are green, the fig and pomegranate trees are fruiting for the second time, and today the crepe myrtle sent out a cluster of pink flowers! There are white roses, white jasmine flowers, flowering ginger root, and a white sky. It was 94ish here yesterday, and so hot it hurt. Today the winds are cool enough to feel like fall.

    I'd love to walk that walk. :) Thanks for sharing your views.

  19. How I love this season, so great to see all those beautiful golden trees your way and that deep blue sky, I breathe in to it all. Best wishes your way, love Kat xx

  20. Dear Tammie - Beautiful images and words on your autumn forest. I felt fresh sensation. In my part of the world, the past week was like summer in the record hot October, but at last cooling and coloring will accelerate from tomorrow. Autumn is my favorite season.



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