Abundant Spring

(as the storm moves on)

Tuesday afternoon
into evening
we had a storm

lightning hit a nearby tree
sending bark and shards flying

struck my modem out
no internet for me

it was such a dramatic storm
thunder lightning rain and hail
for hours

now we enjoy the most lovely spring days
lush and green from rain
a few mushrooms fruit through the earth

sky is full of dreamy clouds

little robins learn to fly

 like fairies grace our days

sunsets kiss our nights

wishing you safe storms
if you have any



  1. Beautiful images Tammie. Glad you had no worse damage from the storm.

  2. Oh these are wonderful images . . .
    before, and especially after
    your sudden storm.

    May lightning strike no closer to you.
    (Like dynamite, I know.)

  3. just a beautiful series of shots and varying skies. but i don't like lightning strikes at all (neither do my dogs and horses.) :) glad you were okay after a bit of outage.

  4. Somehow even in a storm your post gives off a feeling of serenity ~ beautiful.

  5. AnonymousJune 06, 2014

    Sounds like quite a storm! Nature loves it though - and looks great in your shots.

  6. There are beautiful shots ... but as these ... I think there is not. The photos are excellent!

    Have a good one !, Tammie.


  7. I think your storm has made it's way over to Scotland Tammie, it's a dreadful day.
    Love the robin and butterfly.
    Have a nice day.

  8. Good to see that all snow really does melt in paradise after all.
    Beautiful snaps......Happy Weekend to you!

  9. Your photos are full of magic and wild beauty!

  10. What beautiful photos Tammie.. I am so glad to know you are safe.

  11. This gave me a fright in retrospect when I saw it on Facebook... The colours in the first photo are incredible. Glad you, your home, the darling little robin, the butterflies and all the rest are ok!

  12. I was very sick the last two days (a nasty stomach flu) - nevertheless I opened my blogroll yesterday afternoon. Your beautiful photos made me smile and caused me to remember that I will be better very soon and can again enjoy the lovely things of life...
    Thank you! :-)

  13. Such beauty in your images from moody storms down to delicate mushrooms, little homes for the elves! Young birds learn to fly and butterflies rest a moment and clouds dance through the sky to the music of the wind.

  14. Dear Tammie, Glad to see you are having spring there in MT. Bob and I waded through snow yesterday trying to do a short hike above our house (10,000'). Streams and rivers are still running high. Once, years ago, a lightning strike on the mountain blew out my electricity and damaged some electronics. It was a BIG bang! Stay safe and enjoy your beautiful landscape.

  15. Wowness, inspiring..magical..bewildering...
    you rock the camera!!Love that sweet robin!

  16. AnonymousJune 09, 2014

    Beautiful photos, Tammie! We also had a wonderful thunder storm here too, but no hail. Perhaps part of the one you had.

  17. AnonymousJune 09, 2014

    Beautiful photos, Tammie! We also had a wonderful thunder storm here too, but no hail. Perhaps part of the one you had.

  18. Lovely scenes from your spring, Tammie, and what a gorgeous sunset. I hope the storm is well and truly behind you now. Here in England we are having beautiful sunny days.

  19. Dramatic! And scary! I'm glad it's over and that you and the birds and butterflies and all that live there, now can meet and grace the days with joy. Awesome sunset and photos!

  20. Nice pix.Congratulation!


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