It has been so long... since i posted

in early summer
a lovely lady slipper orchid

a single lemon mandala of lichen on rock

this green orchid was a lovely surprise
found it as i was harvesting wild huckleberries
always fun to meet a new wildlfower

our summer has been cooler than usual
with many rainstorms
dramatic thunder and lightning
inspiring mushrooms to fruit
you know I love that!

a young moose appeared on a trail
so sweet, mamma was near by

I love these little rock dwellers
the spotted saxifrage
found in the mountains

another new flower to me: Capnoides sempervirens
the rock harlequin

summer is also about waterfalls


a glimpse of a Montana summer

I hope you are enjoying summer wherever you are in the world!


  1. Your young moose is my favourite of these.

    1. I do enjoy hearing which is a favorite. thank you William

  2. So many gorgeous shots of life around you, Tammie. The bright yellow lichen is amazing and the wild orchids works of art painted by the flower fairies themselves! My favourite flower is the pink and yellow Rock Harlequin. They make me think of elegant shoes fit for a ball!
    Our summer has been hotter and more humid than usual. Is there a 'usual' anymore? Now we are into the period of heat and storms which is rather typical of the second half of August.

    1. I do enjoy hearing which photos caught your attention and why, thank you for sharing that. It inspires me to look through your eyes and heart, anew.

  3. les photos sont extras, mieux que sur instagram ! biz

    1. Thank you for enjoying!
      I wonder why they are better than IG, maybe they are larger? Or the story telling of a strand of photos?

  4. this is wonderful, Tammie. You live in a beautiful surrounding ......

    1. lovely to hear from you.
      It really is beautiful here and wild too.
      Thank you for enjoying!

  5. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je viens de passer un fort agréable moment en admirant l'ensemble de tes photos. Des orchidées époustouflantes et une bien belle rencontre !

    Merci pour ce délicieux partage.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  6. Your absence has been noticed, the freshness of summer is in your photos.
    Have a good one ! Tammie.


  7. So glad you popped in. I was wondering and hoping all was well. Pictures are simply lovely. The last one takes my breath away as I imagine I am there and can smell the trees, hear the water and feel the mist.

  8. Beautiful flowers in your cool summer!
    Your pink hat mushroom is my favorite...so lovely!!
    Have a good day,Tammie.

  9. Beautiful flowers, and I loved the moose shot. That green orchid reminds me of a Viking!

  10. Hi Tammie :) Nice to see you are having a good summer! Oh I love moose...thanks for sharing that photo! our summer is hot during the day then really chilly at night. Feels like fall!

  11. Your images make my heart burst with joy. You do indeed live in a slice of heaven.

  12. I haven't seen several of the flowers you posted, Tammie. I'm glad you've been out and about in Nature seeing wildlife and wildflowers! Getting cooler here in Breck, and the forest floor is showing signs of fall. Thinking of you.

  13. Your photos made me think of a woodland created by fairies. The little moose is so sweet! Montana summer is beautiful. Wish I was there :)


  14. Good to hear from you again. Your photographs are truly beautiful and you live in such a wonderful part of the world. We are in the process of moving to a new house in the Scottish Borders and we have already seen deer, badgers, otters and various other rare creatures.

  15. SO GORGEOUS!!!
    And I love slipper orchids! :)

  16. The waterfalls are so peaceful. What a beautiful picture. I bet that was a sight for you to see the moose on the trail. Yes, he looks like a young one. These are wonderful pictures, Tammie Lee, they really are.



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