Exploring heART and a tale of Winter

An arctic storm is blowing through, literally. Tis rare for us to have much wind, yet it was the song of wind that woke me at dawn. Trees heavy laden with lumps of snow, so thick it looked like globs of white icing were swaying to the song of the wind. Snow went flying through the air making trees green once more. Still with the deep temperatures today, around 5F the snow was fluffy and light. I donned my xc skis for the first time of the season and off I went into our back country. Cheeks half frozen and stinging, wind inspiring tears from my eyes that froze on my checks and finger tips begging to be buried in my arm pits so as to warm up. I stopped to satisfy the need of my fingers. The breeze stopped, the world was quiet, then the rat a tat of a wood pecker, a breeze wandered through and tall trees undulated and a similar rhythm was inspired in me. Then I could hear the roar coming in the distance, real wind. I pushed my gloves on and headed home to sip hot tea near the fire. Winter is no longer coming, she is here!

Recently I won a give away from Kara at her Mother Henna Blog, a lovely ornament made by Kara herself arrived in my mail:

Photo taken by Kara or her hubby?

Mother Henna is hosting an Artist Collaboration: heART cards. Perhaps you would like to join us in the artistic fun!

How To Participate

  1. Limited to 20 artists. Sign up for a spot by leaving comment here - feel free to leave link to your blog if you want that listed with your name for "participating artists"! Click the "contact me" button in the left side bar if I can answer questions!

  2. Each artist creates 20 cards of heART theme in any size from 2x2 inch to 5x7 inch. Think about when you were a kid and made a Valentine card for every one of your friends. This is a pack of Valentines loveliness to be exchanged with other artists! Consider what heART means to you as you make your art for this project.

  3. Must be handmade, please. Collage is fine, but please use materials of your own making, not of others. Hand printed, painted, fabric art, photography, etching, anything goes.

  4. Make your card in an edition of 20, and be sure to number and sign each card.

  5. By February 1, 2009, send the following:
    your 20 cards,
    self addressed label for return, and
    $2 for return shipping to
    Kara Jones, MotherHenna, PO Box 514, Vashon, WA 98070

  6. Kara will sort the cards so each of us gets a full packet of 20 heART cards back for Valentines Day!

  7. Please consider adding a badge to your blog or site to let others know about your participation:
    badge #1
    please save copy to your computer for use on your blog
Please go to Mother Henna and sign up if you are interested! Hurry before all 20 spaces are full!


  1. Congratulations on winning that lovely ornament! This project is an awesome idea!

    Btw, you have been tagged with the Happiness Tree. Check out my blog :)

  2. Tammie:

    The tale of your ski "hike" into the snow was wonderful.

    It's actually "cold" down here (was in the 30s all day, that's cold for us), but threatening to be in the 80s by Thursday. Such is south Texas weather. The "cold" was "cold," but under a lovely grey cloudy sky, with no wind: it was beautiful: daze like this I could take more of: I'll miss it when the gulf winds blow back in out of the south.

    Of course, my son would love some snow. Ten years old and yet to see it.

  3. Hello Paschal (aka Murat11)~
    Well it will be so much fun when your son does go play in the snow, that is a bit like never seeing the ocean or the grand canyon, bit stuff. Yes 30F can be cold when it rarely gets that cold and then to have it turn 80 that is extreme! wow!
    I have never been to Texas, sounds like a different world. Some day...
    stay warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot friend.


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