Ancient Ancestors

Rocks of the earth
sacred beings
energy held in crystalline form
stable reminders
of a depth to explore

This post is inspired by Two for Tuesdays.


  1. Hi Tammie!
    Ooooooooh I'm loving your blog so much. The duck's nest, the coooool mushrooms -- especially that one that looks like a brain -- the art made on a song! Brilliant. And do you know what? I went to my po box today and there was this package waiting for me that contained these two most beautiful cards -- one of the coolest flower I've ever seen, the other of the most magical mushroom! :) Amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
    xo and tons of miracles to you!!

  2. Welcome to TFT!!

    Great poem - I love thinking about spirits in rocks..rocks and water just speak to me, calm me, center me - wonderful!


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