Composing Art on a song

A lady lives in the woods
enjoying the seasons
Does she have to wonder
ponder and
the reason
she doodles a
sun kissing an ocean
For when spring comes
it stays but one weekend
and returns to the unreasonable
of freezing

Inspired by Sunday Scribblings: Compose
I have just reposted this image, I am learning how to scan art and have it color true, sorry for putting you through my learning process.


  1. lovely post, the picture is so sweet, i like how you've used the music in the background

  2. Nice sounds everywhere as in wonder ponder etc. The picture looks fine. In what way was the original different from your scan?

  3. When I lived in the woods, I'd draw mountains. Now that I live in a city, I draw woods.

  4. How is this scan different from the original, you ask:
    island is a medium brown
    the reddish rust spots on the island are a copper color
    tree trunks are a mix of brown and copper
    tree tops are green
    sail is a lavender
    boat is more of a pink
    rays of the sun are golden as is the spiral
    dark waves in the ocean a lighter green blue,
    the sky and clouds are somewhat accurate.

    I tried editing the painting in a photo program as I would a photo, but the colors became more off. So I posted it anyway. I began this painting spur of the moment last night before i saw the word compose, then when I saw the prompt I thought fun, music paper.....
    Thanks for asking, and thank you all for visiting.

  5. Darling picture and fine words - in Idaho I know these feelings. Had more snow today. Unreasonable season of freezing...right on. And last weekend was decent, for sure. Hmmm.

  6. This is a gorgeous drawing. I enjoy reading your blog, a tribute to nature.

  7. lovely scene and original idea...

    I also like your photographs (previous posts)...really wonderful!

    thanks for passing by my blog :)


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