The Day After...

After yesterdays exciting adventure with the hawk, I went to explore the crime scene of Hawk kills and eats Duck. There were a number of animal tracks, a moose, canada geese and deer. Otherwise I found two bloody bones and so many feathers glued to the surface of the melting frozen creek. A pretty clean crime scene actually. Not much went to waste. What was yesterdays snow bank is now creek, for the days are warming. Evidence of winter in the form of snow melts becoming nourishment for Springs reign.

My mornings walk had me languishing in the softness of the earth under my snow boots. Peeling off my light down jacket, I realized "at last spring is here". Perhaps next time I go out, I will be donning hiking boots, storing away my big hefty snow boots that have cared for me all these winter months. Too my great excitement I came upon my first forest mushroom and then another group which looked to me like an orange colored lichen until I took a photo and looked up close!

Later joined a friend in a drive to Polson Montana. The day was the hottest this year, in the 60's. We had blue skies and wide open landscape, just lovely!
Flathead River:
Saw my first spring wildflower, the Yellow bell:
This last picture is not the best quality, shooting into the sun. Still I could not resist sharing this with you, as this is SO Montana:


  1. Tammie: Your blogs are poetry just like your photo's.
    You are alive! Wow. XXXOOOO ROYAL

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. You are so poetic in your writing, I feel that I have seen your new life in Montana more vividly. You have always been in tuned with the earth, but I think since you have moved there, you have become one. baci wyn

  3. Thank you for bringing me along on this outing. All the photos are so redolent of place. Beautiful.

  4. wow wow wow...oh i so want to get there one day and meet you in person and see all this with my very own eyes. beautiful work, Tammie! Thank you so much for posting the photos and your moving words...I feel like I'm there...

  5. I enjoy all your support and feedback, thank you! I wander this beautiful land alone for the most part, sharing these treasures with you is such a pleasure.

  6. Love the Yellow Bell pic, Montana is on the list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The Yellow bells along with Tall bluebells would be some of the first flowers for us to enjoy in Winthrop after the snows would melt.


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