Teeny Morel/Wrinkles

Illustration Friday's promt: Wrinkles

Last spring, walking in the forest, I found this tiny creature, maybe 3/4" tall!
Folks love morels, they are tasty to the extreme. Pricey to the max. I loved this one because it was pristine, alive, radiating light and life.


  1. How delicate! Today, in the warm afternoon North Carolina sun, a dragon fly landed on my hand and seemed to like it there. I thanked him (or her) for honoring me. Where is Tammie with her super camera, I thought. XXXOOO Royalbirth

  2. i imagine fairies coming out of it. that's very pretty, tammie :)

  3. I lied, I am back. Stacey is laughing. We still have lots of Morels that we dried in Winthrop. There used to be so many fires in the area, that Morels would just spring up everywhere in late April and early May.


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