Our Planet

our planet
we live on her
our bodies are made of her
through the air
we breath
we drink
our foods which are birthed from depths of her flesh
she will take us into her
as food
to nurture her life
we are the future of our planet
whether this be in deed
or the dust of our bones
just as she is now made of the dust of our ancestors
the trees, the stones
those who come before us

Inspired by Sunday Scribblings subject: the future of the planet


  1. Really like this, In particular the link to ourselves and Earth, gives me a feeling that Earth needs us as much as we need her.

  2. positive view...!

  3. Thank you for this. A very beautiful meditation on our reliance on the planet we call home.

  4. I love how you see the circle of life, and how you've expressed it so keenly!

  5. This is a really lovely poem. And I like the photo that you have posted with it.

  6. "she will take us into her
    as food
    to nurture her life"

    Very very cool line. I wonder if the earth, if she chooses to, can actually merge with us and see herself through our very eyes.

    I read from time to time how the Hawaiaans will be visited by the presence of Pele? (I think that was her name)

    When I was working on the Big Island for four months on Mauna Kea, I was spending the weekend down in Volcano National Park where we were officially housed. During the nights I would wander the rim of the Kilawaha (sp) volcano, and I could sense I was being watched. Then one morning when I was waking up to the songs of birds a strong presence entered the room and hovered over my body. It was beautiful and feminine and it felt as if it merged with me as if it carassed me and cared for me. It was quite the loving experience. I have never felt this before. I haven't thought about it for a while either. I think it is the answer to one of my many questions.

    Stacey is just shaking her head at me as if saying to leave you alone. Ok, I will, but I will be back to read your great poems.



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