Wisdom of the Four Winds

There are days when I love to draw a card from one of the many wisdom decks I have. Often it will be in the morning with a lit candle and a cup of tea. This is a lovely thing to do with a friend as well, inspiring deep and magical conversation.

One of my favorite decks is called the Wisdom of the Four Winds. It was created by Barry Brailsford in New Zealand. The images on the cards are from the land of Aotearoa (New Zealand). I was there three years ago, and had the deep pleasure of meeting and listening to Barry's story telling for a few days with The School Down Under.

This deck of cards comes with a wonderful book. After pulling a card (s) you look in the book, you'll find a poem about the nature 'being' that you chose. Then there will be a page or two that tells how the creature lives in its land, followed by a writing about the gift for you in choosing this card, closing with another poem for you to find inspiration in. I have found there is much to learn and consider about the gift in each card (s).


  1. They look like such beautiful cards. It's good to pause, reflect, and to have a tool like this to point towards wisdom. I wanted to say I loved your painting and photo of the morel, also. There IS light inside! Amazing!

  2. Greenish Lady, Yes, good to pause. This is one thing I enjoy about the soul collage cards you make. Not only do you pause to sense deeply into wisdom, but you pause to create a meaningful piece of art.


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